Pediatric Dentistry

Sealing Teeth Against Decay

Molars are the number one area for tooth decay. With many crevices and nooks, and being positioned far back in the mouth, they are a challenge to clean, especially for a youngster. But Dr. Buttaro can use dental sealants to help protect the teeth from food missed during brushing and bacteria which lead to decay – it acts as a sort of dental force-field.

Sealants are a valuable means to help keep your child’s teeth healthy and free of cavities. The sealant can be applied as soon as molars first break the skin. Often a sealant can last the life of the baby molar, but depending on your child’s oral practices, it may need a reapplication. The sealant must be watched for signs of pealing, as this can instigate tooth decay if food becomes stuck between the sealant and a tooth.

Sealants are easily applied in one, painless office visit. For questions about sealants, ask Dr.Buttaro today.