Family Services

Let our family take care of your family. Young or old, we will cater to your individual needs. And we go a step further to
ensure children feel safe and calm all the while having fun – at the dentist!

Prevention for Children

Tooth decay can begin at any age and children are particularly susceptible. Almost half of children aged 2 - 11 years have had decayed baby teeth, while 32% of kids between ages 9 – 11 years have had decay in their permanent teeth. Baby formula with added sugar and heavily-sugared fruit juices that young children are given are major contributing factors to these numbers. Even a mother’s milk can cause cavities in baby teeth because it’s slightly sweet. 

Prevention for Teens

Cavities are not just for little kids, and gum disease isn’t just for grandma or grandpa. Teens are just as prone as the rest of the family to get decay and disease. Anyone who has a teenager knows it’s a lot of work, and convincing them to keep their teeth clean and healthy is part of that heavy workload. 

Prevention for Adults

Have you ever wondered how cavities are created? It begins with the bad bacteria in your mouth. Everyone has bacteria in their mouth to some degree – some good, some bad. But if your mouth is not regularly cleaned, those bad bacteria make plaque.