Choosing the Right Dentist

Choosing the right dentist is like buying the right pair of hiking shoes – you want the right fit so you can venture countless journeys together.

For many, visiting a dentist is not just about getting cavities filled, it’s about finding comfort and forging trust. If you don’t feel safe you’re likely not to return. But discovering confidence and contentment with a dentist will keep you going back. And that’s the key – regular dental visits are an integral part of a healthy, sparkling smile.

A recent interview, Dr Buttaro offers patients great tips and advice for when they are searching for their next dentist.


How do you choose the right dentist?

Dr Buttaro

That’s a great question & one I have been commonly asked over the last 25 years serving in the dental field.

In my experience… We’ve met the greatest number of patients through referral of our existing patients.  They often refer a family member, close friends, co-workers and neighbors.  Dental Specialists also send patients our way.

And I do think that’s a great start, but I recommend after receiving that referral You look into that Doctor a bit.  Go to their website, read their online reviews.

It’s an important and trusted relationship for you to develop with your new dentist.   And your new dental home has to be the right fit for you.  Most patients want a dentist that listens and can satisfy their needs.  A dentist that you can trust and build a long term relationship with.

Through this relationship you and your dentist can develop a comprehensive care plan that is right for you.  Together, you can achieve a healthy, beautiful & well functioning smile that meets your personal budget and time frame.

At Fife Dental Center we value this relationship immensely.  We consider it a great compliment to treat patients that live throughout the country like Florida, New Jersey, Minnesota, Oklahoma  or that walk across the parking lot.  It’s the value of that relationship.

Another important factor when selecting a dentist is their value of education & learning.

Is He or She committed to learning, growing & improving over a lifetime?  Choose  a dentist & team that exceeds state education requirements & strive for the top.   Look for someone that hires & retains a knowledgeable , experienced & strong dental team.

We at Fife Dental Center maintain a commitment to exceptional care with compassion.  We value the relationships our patients entrust with us.  We are blessed to be in a great profession.  If you are looking for a new dental home to provide the quality care you demand and the positive experience you deserve, give our office a call (253) 926-3803.